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New Warcraft Expansion Details

An anonymous blizzard employee has revealed new details of the expansion to this blog. Blizzard is aiming for a whole new market with the expansion, which has now been renamed WoW: Wratch of the Munchkin.

The players will travel to new lands, to ultimately reach the frozen stoned king Arthas, the munchies lord.

New abilities include:

  • Herbalism 375 – 450 “dealer” (past artisan):
    • Will make Netherweed dubbie:
      • Character will gain -10 intellect and stamina
      • Character will randomly add “dude!” to whatever he says.
      • Character will gain the munchies for 1h. No matter what they eat, they will never be well fed during that time.
      • Users will forget where they left their mount and pets
  • Alchemist 375 – 450″laboratory specialist”:
    • Will make “Elixir of The Acid”
      • Character’s mana will degenerate 100 per 5 second causing them to drink a lot.
      • Will increase agility by a 1000
      • Will inverse keyboard and mouse controls.

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