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New Warcraft Expansion Details

An anonymous blizzard employee has revealed new details of the expansion to this blog. Blizzard is aiming for a whole new market with the expansion, which has now been renamed WoW: Wratch of the Munchkin.

The players will travel to new lands, to ultimately reach the frozen stoned king Arthas, the munchies lord.

New abilities include:

  • Herbalism 375 – 450 “dealer” (past artisan):
    • Will make Netherweed dubbie:
      • Character will gain -10 intellect and stamina
      • Character will randomly add “dude!” to whatever he says.
      • Character will gain the munchies for 1h. No matter what they eat, they will never be well fed during that time.
      • Users will forget where they left their mount and pets
  • Alchemist 375 – 450″laboratory specialist”:
    • Will make “Elixir of The Acid”
      • Character’s mana will degenerate 100 per 5 second causing them to drink a lot.
      • Will increase agility by a 1000
      • Will inverse keyboard and mouse controls.

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Jesus and Usability

This is a crazy thought I had going out for lunch. Usability has been present since the time of Jesus. God gave us man the 10 commandments. Then Jesus came and I’m sure he must’ve thought “gee… people won’t get this is too complicated…” and he said: “Love each other as I have loved you”.

Usability is everywhere… )

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