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Google Widgets and IBM

I don’t have much time today, si I’m gonna blog this real quick: Google and IBM have announced that Google Gadgets (Widgets) will run on IBM’s websphere portal. This open a whole new world of possibilities.

I work with Sharepoint Portal Server and finding or developing WebParts is a pain in the ass, opening this to deevlopers enables portal solutions making htem a much more accesible platform.

Like I said, possibilities are infinite. I hope to share my thoughts about this soon, right now, Sharepoint is down again and I gotta find out why.


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WordPress & OpenID: Not really!

WordPress recently announced that they now support OpenID… to me this is a bit tricky. This is a portion of the post on the wordpress news:

Are you fed up with having to remember dozens of usernames and password? Does the idea of creating yet another account on yet another site leave you cold?

Yes, I am fed up. Why do I think they are not helping? While they allow you to use your blog as an OpenID, they do not support signing in to WordPress with a non OpenID account. Imagine every service (any service) provider did that. Blogger, MySpace, Digg, and so on. You would still have 3000 OpenID accounts because none of them would allow you to sign in with the OpenID provider of your choice.

Discussion can come around this: Should the OpenID providers be OpenID providers only? What does “supports OpenID” really mean (to me WordPress is just creating hype)? And so on…

I’m not using this *new service* I already have a different OpenID provider, and they DO NOT support the use of that.


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Smart Monday: Web Design for the Colorblind. Kuler!

Kuler is a not so new web application from Adobe, I use it every time I have a chance. It allows you to make color schemes based on certain rules or no rules at all. You can save and share your combinations and see what other peoples have done.

Basically if you are colorblind like me (not really, I just don’t have the greatest taste in color) you can use this to know what matches and what doesn’t… Now that I think about it, my girlfriend might be happier if I start using these before I buy and wear clothes…


PS: Sorry¬†for the 1 week absence, been busy. I still owe this blog the last month’s roundup!

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