Dekoh vs Adobe Apollo

Update: A person from Dekoh just replied to this post explaining all these doubts. 

Today the Dekoh guys have a post on their blog with a comparison of their product and  Adobe Apollo. Some of the points are not completely clear to me:

  1. RSS Support: Dekoh Yes, Apollo No. What does this mean? What kinda of RSS support will Dekoh have? For what I know you can easily build a RSS reader, or even a routine to parse XML (RSS feeds).
  2. Broswer supported: Apollo None. I don’t really think so, is not that they don’t support any web browser, they just use a diferent webkit. What does this exactly mean? Beats me. What I do know is that this webkit has been used in Safari and KHTML. So “none” seems a bit innacurate to me.
  3. Reusable Widgets: Dekoh Yes, Apollo No. What are these widgets Dekoh mentions? Prebuild out-of-the-box widgets? Isn’t it a platform? Can’t developers make some for the Apollo platform? What does “reusable” exactly mean to Dekoh? Can I use them on Netvibes?
  4. Bundled Database: Dekoh yes, Apollo No. Other Databse support: Dekoh though JDBC, Apollo No. Now, can Dekoh connect to SQL o MySQL? By reading this I would say yes.  Can Apollo? It could. From the Apollo FAQ:
    • Will Apollo Applications be able to communicate directly with databases?
      Apollo 1.0 will not have built in support for communicating directly with databases. However, it will be possible to write Database drivers in ActionScript (leveraging binary or XML sockets), which would allow Apollo applications to communicate directly with a database (both local and remote).
  5. Web 2.0 features like sharing, tagging, commenting; Share from desktop, applications or content with personal friend network: Dekoh Yes, Apollo No. Mmm… Ok, I don’t understand this. Tagging, sharing, commenting? Aren’t those feautres that could be built in any platform? Again is this out-of-the-box support for these?

Like these, there are other unclear points in the comparison. You should probably see for yourself and decide. And then comment here 🙂

PS: I first read about Dekoh here.



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4 responses to “Dekoh vs Adobe Apollo

  1. #1. What it means is there is ATOM-based RSS reader bundled in the platform. Application and content shares can be subscribed by your buddies to see them on your desktop. Certainly, you can build a RSS reader on any platform. It is just that in Dekoh it comes bundled default.

    Dekoh Desktop comes with a RSS widget that consumes RSS feeds and can be configured to display the feeds in the browsers inside any app you build on Dekoh. For example, you can have a “What’s New’ page on your personal Photo
    application that gives you a news update when a friend comments on your collection.

    Dekoh Desktop also has a easy-to-use feed generation API that feeds out on ATOM RSS formats. The API works is tested and works across all versions and variations of ATOM and RSS.

    #2. Apollo is based on webkit engine, so it can render HTML, Flash. But applications do not run on the web browsers directly like Safari, Firefox and IE. Apollo is not a browser.

    #3. Yes, developers can and will write lot of widgets. However some widgets like the tag cloud (link) can be reused across applications.

    The widgets they can be used outside of Dekoh runtime. Such as an enterprise application that is being built for similar runtime. Widgets mostly
    require Javascript, CSS, AJAX and, in some cases, Java. Dekoh will provide the code to developers, so that they can custom enhance it to suit their needs, as opposed to a published widgets/gadgets where they are meant for use as is.

    #4. Yes, Dekoh can connect to any database including SQL server and MySQL using appropriate JDBC driver. JDBC drivers are available for most databases. This is unlike writing your own driver — which is required in Apollo.

    Dekoh Desktop also bundles a database (Apache Derby), which can be used by applications to store data and metadata.

    #5. ‘Can be built’ is different from ‘out-of-the-box’. If you write a new application on Dekoh, say a game, in one click you can share it with your buddies. This is different from every application writing code to do that.

  2. John Martyn

    Guys you should visit

    They offer a truly web based intranet applications ideal for Home PC’s, SME’s and Professionals such as Teachers (online tutions), Lawyers, Doctors (EMR) and Real Estate Agents.

    They have Configurable RSS feeds, IM etc. They will soon be adding a soft ipbx for voice as well

  3. Just checked out ip2connect. Decent. But they are not open. With dekoh, possibilities are pretty much unlimited. Dekoh also looks like a developer friendly platform. They have a whole dev portal. A very welcome idea. (Though goods arent there yet for people itching to go)

  4. John Martyn

    Guys I have already hosted a sample page on my desktop through When I am online, you will find a link at or if you have my link code provided by ip2connect, you can see my link page.

    Satya, you can develop any application and place it in the tom cat server. Anyone you allow can access it through ip2connect. It is that simple and easy.

    If you download their server version and install, you can have your own chat server, eoffice with a variety of functionalities all very handy and useful tools for everyone including commercial applications.

    I am able to share all types of media files with my friends at the same time with ease.

    check out their site and test it: login detail are available at the page.


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