Switching Homepages: I love Netvibes

Today I switched homepages. Up until this morning I’ve been using Google Homepage up until today, which was a fairly good service, I just needed something more. I checked out Pageflakes and Netvibes, quickly, I didn’t have much time. I chose Netvibes over something simple: design.

Some of the features Netvibes has and GHomepage lacks:

  • The ability to choose up to 4 columns to display the news (In a screen wider than 1024 pixels 3 is too little)
  • Icons on your tabs (eyecandy)
  • I can read my emails (Not just gmail): I’m sure you can do this too with google, but when I cheked for widgets you couldn’t, and I haven’t checked the widgets in a log time… maybe that’s the problem: Publicize the new or popular widgets.
  • Netvibes has themes.
  • Netvibes shows the number of unread items next to each tab name.

As you can see, it’s all the little things that made me jump. Still, there are a few things I would love to see improved:

  • Oh please, let the back button work again. I hate to press (as a habit) the back button to go to a previous tab and go to the last page I visited. Come on, I know it is fixable.
  • Some presentation tweaking: Netvibes allows you to increase the space between feed items, but I could use bigger fonts or even different fonts.

Migration could’ve been easier, I did find a widget for GHomepage that allowed me to export everything to OPML, but it didn’t work with IE6 (which is what I have at work). If I ever move away from Netvibes, I can use their backup feature to export the file to OPML. 

I also too a quick look at the Netvibes Ecosystem: I tallows you to see what others are adding to their hompeages. I hope this will allow me to discovers some of the good feeds that I’m missing.

All this said, I think I made a great choice. I think this is this start of a beautiful friendship.

Update: I just read in Techcrunch that Netvibes is going to offer a Universal Widget API. Perfect!



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2 responses to “Switching Homepages: I love Netvibes

  1. Steve

    I prefer Pageflakes. I never used the Google Pages though. tested Netvibes a while back but they won’t let me publish or share my page so I am sticking with Pageflakes. Also loads faster on my computer.


  2. Wow, I never realised how similar Pageflakes and Netvibes were. However, Netvibes has Meebo – and I love Meebo. 🙂

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