More on OpenID – What I would truly love…

This is just some crazy idea that passed through my head. My ideal OpenID provider would:

  1. Would allow me to mashup some other services to enhance my public identity page. Flickr photos comes to my mind.
  2. Would have social networks features (like a friend list).

Now, I think this could be implemented the other way around of what it sounds like if the openID provider allowed users to edit html or embed snippets in their identity page. Could we actually merge several social networks using openID? What if MySpace worked as an OpenID provider? Could I add friends via OpenIDs from other networks/providers? Could we ever reach a standards for differents social networks to interact?

Just some thoughts, if someone is reading, please discuss.



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2 responses to “More on OpenID – What I would truly love…

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  2. Chances are that facebook / myspace / hyves will become openid providers. Like you say.

    And yes, I think this will enable you to have friends spread over several social networks. Sounds reasonable. It’s quite a hassle gathering each of my contacts for every community I join.

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